24 - 02 - 2024

An open letter from leading Arab intellectuals to Western intellectuals: do not coordinate with the wave of falsification of the struggle of the Palestinian people and the deliberate confusion between resistance and terrorism

An open letter from leading Arab intellectuals to Western intellectuals: do not coordinate with the wave of falsification of the struggle of the Palestinian people and the deliberate confusion between resistance and terrorism

In the atmosphere of this brutal war waged by Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and the accompanying massacres and crimes that do not stop, a group of Arab intellectuals from various countries, researchers, writers, artists and writers, sent a letter to the intellectuals of the West calling on them to condemn the Israeli brutal crimes against the Palestinian people, and to declare a position of explicit support

Open letter

On the occasion of the confrontations taking place between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip and its surroundings; and on other occasions of the previous confrontation, we Arab intellectuals were waiting for the thinkers, writers and artists of the Western countries to meet the struggle of the Palestinian people for their legitimate and just national rights with victory and support, similar to what and like - also - Honorable civic positions expressed by a section of intellectuals, creators and academics in Europe and America with high literary courage.

We have been waiting for this from the intellectuals of the West because we see in them the Living group entrusted, in their societies, to protect the great principles and values that have made modern and contemporary human civilization, and because they share with these intellectuals the belief in the same human principles and values: freedom, justice, equality, human rights, the protection of human dignity, renunciation of intolerance and racism, renunciation of war and the defense of peace, rejection of occupation, recognition of the right of peoples to reclaim their occupied territories, self-determination and national independence...Etc. The undersigned Arab intellectuals feel that there is a huge gap between what the culture in the West tends to express in terms of visions, perceptions and attitudes that adhere to the reference of these principles, in theory, and what the attitudes of the majority of intellectuals translate at the same time - from a tendency to advocate the aggressor executioner at the expense of the rights of the abused victim and occupied his land, or from silence over his repeated crimes .. At the same time, they feel the huge gap between the principled positions of Western intellectuals on other issues in the world, we share their position on what is fair and their silence and disregard when it comes to the question of Palestine and the rights of its people in its land, the rights recognized by the relevant UN resolutions ! Needless to say, these two gaps translate a cultural behavior based on the policy of "double graves", which we welcome because it touches at the core the message of culture and intellectuals.

If the official Arab policies that flatter Israel, and cover up its crimes, seek to falsify the struggle of the Palestinian people and its national movement by presenting it as "terrorism", a section of Western intellectuals should be drawn to this false claim because those politicians who promote it have interests that have nothing to do with the interests of their people or with the interests of their intellectuals, not to mention that accusing the resistance and calling it "terrorism" is a flagrant violation of the principles of international law, which recognizes the right of peoples to liberate their occupied territories by all means, including armed means such a deliberate confusion between resistance and terrorism will only justify the occupation and ridicule every legitimate resistance in modern history Is there anyone among the intellectuals in the West who is ready - intellectually, psychologically and morally-to describe the National resistances in Europe to Nazism and the Nazis as terrorist movements

We, the undersigned Arab writers, researchers and writers, appeal to our intellectual and creative counterparts in the west to call for a joint dialogue on common values and principles - referred to in this letter - and on the position of the question of Palestine and the rights of its people to enjoy the products of those principles without exclusion or prejudice, of the kind that the policies of the governments of Western countries do, and justified by the silence of intellectuals about them.

We are confident that the cultural conscience is created to correct the wrong visions and lapses that many people of opinion and creativity in the West, the first of which is those that have been woven for a long time, about Palestine, the rights of its people and about the Palestinian national liberation movement, in order to straighten the cultural position on this issue on the basis of reference to the great principles of humanity honestly and transparently ... This is the aim of this letter, whose signatories are keen that this distinction should be invalidated in the application of the provisions of those principles to peoples and nations.



2-Abdelilah belkeziz-researcher

3-Taher Labib-researcher

4-Marcel Khalifa-composer

5. Ali omlil-researcher

6-al-Majid Al-Sharafi-researcher

7-Shawky bazaie-poet

8-Mohammed Barada-a Rwandan writer

9-Nabil Abdel Fattah-researcher

10-Pascal Lahoud-researcher

11-Aziz Al-Azma-researcher

12-Mohamed Benes-poet and writer

13-Nabil Suleiman-rouani

14 Abdul Hussein Shaaban-researcher

15-Alawiya Sobh-novelist

16-Ahmed Mualla-plastic artist

17-Mohammed Al-Ashaari-poet and novelist

18-Nasir Shamma-composer

19 Omar azraj-poet

20-al-Fadl shalaq-researcher

21-Noureddine afaya-researcher

22-Salah bousref-poet and writer

23-Najia Al-uraimi-researcher

24-Abdurrahman tankul-researcher

25-Ali Canaan-poet

26-Saad mohiu-researcher

27-Hassan Najmi-poet

28-Talal maalla-plastic artist

29-Rachid El-weak - rouani

30-Fakhri Saleh-writer

31-Ahmed Al-Madini-writer and novelist

32-Firas Harrah-researcher

33-Moncef Al-Wahabi-poet

34-Wahid Abdul Majid-researcher

35-Amin Zawy-writer

36-Nabil Saleh-researcher

37 Abdulkader Al-Shawy-writer

38-Abdullah Ibrahim-researcher

39-Mohamed El Haddad-researcher

40-Khalil soileh-researcher

41-Mubarak Rabie-Rawani

42-Shawqi Al-duaihi-researcher

43-Nader Kazem-researcher

44-Najeeb aloufi-researcher

45-Rajeh Daoud - composer

46-Sharafuddin majdulin-researcher

47-Farid El Zahi-researcher

48-Abdo Wazen-writer

49-Fadel al-Rubaie-researcher

50-Moualem Al-Arusi-researcher

51-Wafa al-Omrani-poet

52-Wasini the lame-novelist

53-Abdel Moneim Ramadan-poet

54-Ali Jafar Alaq-poet and writer

55-Ahmed Shawki-researcher

56-Jalila Al-Qadi-researcher

57-jukha Al-Harthi - writer and novelist

58-Mustafa Razzaz-researcher

59-Ghassan Massoud-actor

60-Mohammed Al-mazzouz-researcher

61-Daoud Abdul Sayed-film director

62-Abbas al-Nouri-actor

63-Rabia GILTI-researcher

64-Ahmed Youssef Daoud-writer

65-said El Maghrabi-musical artist

66-Zawawi baghura-researcher

67-Abdelbaki belfaqih-researcher

68-Ahmed dilbani-writer

69-Mohammed Shoman-researcher

70-Magdy Ahmed Ali-film director

71-Bassel El Khatib-director

72 Hassan M. Youssef-screenwriter

73-Abdul Kabir Rabie-plastic artist

74-Diana Jabbour-writer

75-Iman Sharabati-novelist

76-Reem Habib-rawania

77-Samir mark - researcher

78-Ezz Al Arab Alawi-film director

79-Abdul Latif Abdul Majid-film director

80-Jude said - film director

81-Fayez qazq-theater director

82-Bassam Koussa-theater director

83-Nidal Khalil-cartoonist

84-Samer Mohamed Ismail-writer and playwright

85-Bilal al-Masri-poet

86-Munther Masri-poet

87-Mohammed Abdul Shafie Issa-researcher

88-Sami al-Balshi-plastic artist

89-Ammar Ali Hassan-researcher and novelist

90-Ali Atta-poet and novelist

91-Magdi Chandi – writer and poet